Collaboration Masterclass with Michael Sampson. London, 15 March

Yesterday 30 copies of Collaboration Roadmap arrived in the Intranet Focus office. This is Michael Sampson’s new book, and having a collection of most of the books ever written on collaboration I can confidently state that this is the definitive work. On 15 March Michael is running a Collaboration Masterclass at the Etc. venue in Centre Point, London, and if a day with Michael is not exciting enough everyone will receive a copy of the book. We already have a good delegate list, with people flying in from Amsterdam and Stockholm. Indeed at one stage we had two bookings from Canada until the company concerned checked on the cost of the air fare!

We can promise you that this will not be a ‘sit on a line and take notes’ workshop.  You will be sitting at round tables, and we have ways of making sure that by the end of the day you will have met everyone else in the room and created new collaborative networks of your own. We have been asked if this is a SharePoint workshop and the answer is no. The workshop is technology agnostic, and indeed the first session is about taking an analytic look at the technology you have and making the best of it. The workshop schedule will be based around the timetable that Michael publishes on his site, adapted to reflect the particular interests of attendees.

If you would like to make a booking or need more information about the workshop please email me at  Booking closes on 2 March, and we’ve only got room for 6 tables = 30 delegates.

Martin White