Digital Workplace Trends 2014 report – the survey is now open for participation

There is a 40-20-40 ‘rule’ in large scale market surveys. 40% of the time is spent developing and testing the survey questions, 20% in finding people to complete the survey and 40% in analysing and synthesising the survey returns. In the case of the 2014 Digital Workplace Trends report the task that Jane McConnell is now involved in is the ‘finding people’ stage.

The survey takes from 45 to 60 minutes to complete and participants can exit the online survey platform at any time, and return later to where they left off. Vendors, agencies and consultants can also be involved and get a free copy of the final report by bringing their clients to the survey.

The major innovation in the 2014 report will be that participants in the survey can receive their own customized Digital Workplace Scorecard. The self-assessed scorecard will calculated based on responses to a selection of the survey questions. It includes scores per theme and a final composite score.A reference document will provided to give a comparative context. It will include average scores for:

  • Different industries
  • Public organizations compared to private ones
  • Different size organizations
  • Floor-field compared to Desk-office organizations

The customized Digital Workplace Scorecards will available in the first part of February, shortly after the delivery of Digital Workplace Trends 2014 report on January 31st, 2014.

I would strongly recommend that you participate in this survey even if you feel that you are only at the very start of a digital workplace initiative. Sharing your vision and challenges through your responses to this survey will bring benefits to your organisation as you work through the survey form and the survey will be all the more credible from the range of responses on which it is based.

Martin White