Enterprise search information portal

Enterprise search information portal

by | Jan 12, 2016 | Intranets, Search

In the process of writing the 2nd edition of Enterprise Search I accumulated a substantial amount of information that did not make it into the book. The list of documents in my research file has now reached over 800 and less than 10% of these appear at the end of the chapters in the book. So to help me, and to help me help you, there is now a website for the book called (not surprisingly) EnterpriseSearchBook. I must emphasis that this is not an official O’Reilly website, and you will not find sections of the book on the site. The book only costs $25.99 and if your organization can’t invest in a copy it’s not going to be easy for you to make a business case for enterprise search enhancement!

The site brings together information that was already on the Intranet Focus site, but with a significant amount of additional information. What is missing by intention are links to briefing papers offered by search vendors. It is easier to exclude all of them than have to explain to certain vendors why I am not highlighting their sales literature. There was an inadvertent announcement of the new site this morning so I’ve brought the launch forward by a day as once things go social it’s more than a challenge getting them back into Pandora’s box. As a result there may be a few more 404s that I would have liked.

There is a roadmap for the future development of EnterpriseSearchBook, including adding a more powerful search application. However the roadmap ideally needs to be driven by users The chances of every link being correct are small but I plan to update the site at the end of each month. However  if you see a link that is incorrect or more importantly a resource that is missing do let me know.

Martin White