Enterprise search master class – London, 21 March 2013

On Thursday 21 March I will be giving a master class on enterprise search management at the elegant 18th Century building of the Royal Society of Arts in central London. What I talk about will be decided by the attendees and not by me. The concept of the master class was invented by the pianist and composer Franz Liszt. At music master classes performers bring pieces of music they have been working on for advice from the artiste giving the class.  When you register for my enterprise search master class you will be invited to list three topics that are of particular importance to your organisation. I will then integrate all these topics into my talk and the discussion sessions so that you can be assured that by the time you leave your immediate challenges and opportunities will have been covered. This will be a user-centric master class!

As people who attend my workshops around the world know, I offer a lifetime guarantee!  At any time after the event you can ask for clarification or additional information on anything I have presented. As well as opportunities during the day to exchange views with other attendees one of the benefits of using the Royal Society of Arts building is that we can move to the Gerard Bar and continue to talk over a drink until 8pm.

The master class is not intended to be a deep dive into search technology. As you will see from the initial list of topics I will be focusing on aspects of enterprise search management that are of importance to business managers, intranet and web managers and to IT managers with responsibility for search implementation. I am totally vendor-independent so I will not be trying to sell you any particular search software. If you want to know what is the best search software for your organisation come along and I will give you my take on the issue. You may be surprised!  Attendees will also receive a copy of my SearchCheck search management benchmarking tool that you can use after the event to develop operational and strategic plans for your search implementation.

As far as I know this is the first public enterprise search master class to be given in the UK and probably globally. At present I have no plans to repeat it this year so if you want to have a day of consulting advice for substantially less than a day of consulting time then do come to the event.  The fee for the Masterclass is £595 plus VAT including all the documentation, excellent catering and free drinks in the bar after the event. In return you will get answers to your top three search issues, meet other search managers to network with after the event and spend a day in one of the most elegant meeting rooms in London.

Email the Event Director, Val Skelton at val.skelton@blythespark.co.uk  for a registration form.

Martin White