Intranet evaluation research

There has been very little published research on intranet evaluation. There were a number of papers in the early days of intranet adoption but not much since. In preparing for a new intranet evaluation project I thought I’d check on what had been published over the last five years to see if there were any novel approaches that I could adopt. I have listed below the best the papers that I have found.

Note that some of these papers are behind a publisher firewall and unless you are working in a university or have other access rights you may have to pay a fee to download the article. Sometimes searching for the title in Google or Bing may bring up a more accessible version but these have a habit of disappearing without notice. The exceptions are the 2005 paper by Jacoby and the thesis by Nicholas Meese. There may be others and I would appreciate an email with the citation details. The work of Grant Jacoby and Luqi (the author is Chinese) is interesting even though now it is a little dated as it deals at length with issues around measuring RoI and the balance between hard and soft metrics for intranets.

Martin White