Intranet Now Diamond Award 2016 – open for nominations

Intranet Now Diamond Award 2016 – open for nominations

by | Jun 23, 2016 | Intranets

Having just written a history of intranets I am aware of how many people have made significant contributions to the development and adoption of intranets and yet never been recognized. If you have never heard of Jennifer Stone Gonzalez and Steve Tellen (for example) they will feature in my presentation at Intranet Now. It is a pity that they will not be in the audience.  Towards the end of the conference on 30 September the winner of the Intranet Now Diamond Award will be announced, and Sam Marshall will have the pleasure of handing over a very heavy (but ever so elegant!) chunk of glass.

The Intranet Now Diamond Award is unique in that it is awarded to an individual for their remarkable contribution to the community at large. Wedge and Brian are now seeking recommendations for the 2016 Award. There are of course many intranet managers who have made a significant impact on their organisation, often as a team of one.  However they are looking for someone who is committed to raising the awareness of good intranet practice amongst the wider intranet community in the UK. It’s not as if Wedge and Brian do not know potential candidates but they are firm believers in the wisdom of crowds so would like to know who you respect as an intranet guru.

Both Steve and Jennifer would have been worthy winners in 1993 and 1998, but that’s a story for my presentation.  So could you look through the list of the people you follow on Twitter and the blogs you monitor.  But please bear in mind Wedge and Brian are looking for someone who participates in our community and not just observes it. To me there is one obvious candidate…..I wonder if you agree?  Information on how to nominate someone is on the Intranet Now site.

Martin White