Intranet product reviews from Clearbox Consulting and Intranetizen

Intranet product reviews from Clearbox Consulting and Intranetizen

by | Feb 22, 2016 | Intranets

During February both Clearbox Consulting and the Intranetizen team have published reviews of a range of intranet products. These reviews take a lot of effort, and the intranet community should be very appreciative of the commitment of both Sam Marshall at Clearbox and the Intranetizen team to not only assessing these products but offering the reviews free of charge. The range of products available is increasing rapidly, for reasons highlighted by James Robertson in his post on whether to build or buy.

This list presents the product names in alphabetical order. The Intranetizen posts are to the individual blog posts.The team have published vendor profiles in the past.  There is a listing on the Intranetizen site but because the review dates are just a date without a year don’t assume that a Feb date means 2016.

The Clearbox reviews, all of which are of SharePoint-based products, are published in a report which can be downloaded from the Clearbox website


Attini News


ElevatePoint News

Hadron 8020



Iris Intranet




Alex Peterson has also published a list of SharePoint alternatives

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