Intranet Roadmap workshops in Birmingham and London

Intranet Roadmap workshops in Birmingham and London

by | Sep 19, 2011 | Intranets

Following on from a couple of successful intranet roadmap workshops earlier this year the UKeiG Intranet Forum is now running two more of these workshops. The first takes place in Birmingham on 6 October and the second in London on 17 November.  The workshops will be facilitated by myself and Dion Lindsay, bringing together our experience in working in the corporate and public sectors.  Whereas many intranet workshops have fixed agendas the only fixed  item in our roadmap workshops is a determination to help delegates solve their short-term problems through bringing together the experience that Dion and I have together with the experience of all the other delegates.  Feedback from the first two events was very positive, but we have also learned from the mistakes we made in the initial workshops!

An important feature of the workshops is helping delegates to develop a personal agenda that they can work through when they return to the office. It is so easy to take lots of notes which don’t translate into action when the morning avalanche of emails and requests starts up the following day.  So we try to ensure that everyone leaves with an achievable agenda for the next week after the workshop, the next month and finally actions that might not immediately fit into a work plan but which need to be monitored and prioritised

So if you are looking for a very practical workshop that will give you some immediate actions to take with your own intranet and enable you to build good contacts in other organisations do come along to either the Birmingham or London events.  The workshops are priced at just £240 plus VAT for non-members of UKeiG.

Martin White