IntranetNow Diamond Award 2015 – List of nominations

IntranetNow Diamond Award 2015 – List of nominations

by | Sep 20, 2015 | Conferences, Intranets

There is now less than four weeks to go before the Intranet Now conference, in London on 13 October 2015. It gives me great pleasure to publish the list of the people who have been nominated by members of the global intranet community for the Intranet Now 2015 Diamond Award. I can still remember walking (actually, struggling!) home with the box containing the vast (glass!) award last year. Hopefully this year the organisers will provide a bag for the purpose! It takes quite a lot of regular maintenance to retain its shine and sparkle, just like all intranets. Take a look at the photos from last year

The nominees are:

Luke Oatham (Helpful Technology) for his Intranet Diary blog and tweets (@Luke_Oatham).

Sam Marshall (ClearBox Consulting) for his talks, blog, newsletter and tweets (@SamMarshall).

Rachel Miller (All Things IC) for her blog, community involvement and tweets (@AllThingsIC).

Darren Caveney (Comms 2point0) for his shared blog, and tweets (@DarrenCaveney and @Comms2point0).

Gerry McGovern (Customer Carewords) for his newsletter, his blog, talks, books and tweets (@GerryMcGovern)

Jane McConnell ( NetJMC) for her digital workplace research and evangelism, talks, blog and tweets (@NetJMC).

James Robertson (Step Two Designs) for his globe-trotting, talks, Intranet Innovation awards, books and tweets (@James_StepTwo).

Kristian Norling (Intranätverk) for his events, book publishing, and tweets (@KristianNorling).

This is an impressive list and reminds me how fortunate we are that the nominees see it as a core element of their work to share their experiences and expertise with the intranet community at large. In addition all these nominees have a passion for what they do and for the furtherance of good practice in the design and management of intranets and digital workplaces. I’m looking forward to presenting the award to the winner in London next month. Any and all of the nominees would be worthy winners. There are eight on the short list, so that means that the IntranetNow event will have to continue to at least 2024 just to be able to acknowledge their contribution.

Martin White