Research on enterprise AI September 2023

This is far from a comprehensive listing and is inevitably biased towards my own areas of research interest. Note that several of the links are to pdf files and not to arXiv abstracts.

Beyond the Chat: Executable and Verifiable Text-Editing with LLMs

Fine-tuning and aligning question answering models for complex information extraction tasks

An In-depth Survey of Large Language Model-based Artificial Intelligence Agents

Large Language Model Alignment: A Survey

Cultural Alignment in Large Language Models: An Explanatory Analysis Based on Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions

FUTURE-AI: International consensus guideline for trustworthy and deployable artificial intelligence in


The Reversal Curse: LLMs trained on “A is B” fail to learn “B is A”

Bias and Fairness in ChatBots: An Overview

When Large Language Models Meet Citation: A Survey

Can Large Language Models Understand Real-World Complex Instructions?

Assessing the nature of large language models: A caution against anthropocentrism

The Rise and Potential of Large Language Model Based Agents: A Survey

Evaluating Chatbots to Promote Users’ Trust – Practices and Open Problems

A Compendium of Data Sources for Data Science, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

A Survey of Hallucination in “Large” Foundation Models

Bridging the Gap: Externalizing Knowledge for Generative Search in Domain-Specific Contexts

Bias and Fairness in Large Language Models: A Survey

A Study on the Implementation of Generative AI Services Using an Enterprise Data-Based LLM Application Architecture

A Survey of Document-Level Information Extraction

Comprehensive Overview of Named Entity Recognition: Models, Domain-Specific Applications and Challenges

Trustworthiness Evaluations of Search Results: The Impact of Rank and Misinformation

Martin White 12 October 2023