Search Insights 2018 from The Search Network

Search Insights 2018 from The Search Network

by | Mar 25, 2018 | Search

Search Insights 2018  is a collection of essays and resources brought together by the eight members of The Search Network. We have gained these insights from undertaking a wide range of web site and enterprise search projects in North America and Europe. We are now offering them to business managers who recognise they have to replace their search application but do not know where to start and what decisions they need to make.

The essays cover
• Building a business case, the technology of search and relevance tuning
• How to work with commercial, open source and SaaS vendors
• Getting the best from Microsoft SharePoint
• Using taxonomies and undertaking content audits
• Planning a search project and estimating the budget
• The future of search
• Critical success factors

The 70 page report also includes a list of 25 search vendors, a list of books and blogs, a search strategy checklist and a glossary.

Members of The Search Network are committed to making search more visible and raising the awareness of how effective search applications can make a significant difference to any organisation. We have sponsored the production of Search Insights 2018 so that we can offer it as a free download under a Creative Commons license. There is no need to register. Just download it, read it, and use the knowledge and information it contains to the benefit of your organisation.

Martin White