The Organisation in the Digital Age – 2016 survey now open

The Organisation in the Digital Age – 2016 survey now open

by | Apr 27, 2016 | Collaboration, Digital workplace, Intranets, Search

Much of my career has been in the B2B market research business, notably with International Data Corporation and then Logica. The IT sector has always been awash with research reports from vendors seeking to justify their market position and pricing, as well as many boutique companies offering high quality research in a small sector. The value of the IDC and Logica services was that each year they used the same core methodology to highlight trends in market growth over a five year period and yet included questions in the survey which took account of recent developments. It was hard work.

All the more remarkable then that this year Jane McConnell is working solo on the 10th of her annual surveys, which started out with intranets and now assess the extent to which organisations are making a commitment to working digitally, This year the survey for the Organisation in the Digital World report is in two parts.  The Core part (59 questions), streamlined from previous years, takes approximately 30 minutes. The optional Extended part (37 questions) is for organizations that want to do a deeper dive into their digital transformation. All participants receive a copy of the final report The Organization in the Digital Age 2016 (Core or Extended), as well as the Scorecard for their organization, which is optional and free.

The innovations this year are a customised snapshot report and sponsorship opportunities for research supporters. The snapshot report is available to organisation who are able to arrange for six or more people to complete the survey. They receive 3-page summary of the consolidated results providing a snapshot from different viewpoints: functions,  business lines, or countries depending on the role of the respondents. This year vendors, digital agencies, technology and service providers, and others can participate as a Research Supporter through a sponsorship package. This brings visibility in the report, and a chance to communicate their messages to a high-potential audience.

Although the benefits to organisations of having a global perspective on digital workplace adoption is significant I know that many organisations welcome the opportunity to use the survey as a means of bringing together their digital leaders to exchange views on how adoption is taking place in specific departments and divisions. Even if the team only spend a morning together to complete the survey the near-term and long-term benefits will be substantial. I have seen too many organisations in which digital innovations are its best kept secrets! The publication later this year of both this survey and the Findwise Findability Survey will once again provide us with dependable insights into the level of commitment to digital working that can be used in planning for 2017 and beyond.

Martin White