Intranet Conferences in 2011

Intranet Conferences in 2011

by | Jan 5, 2011 | Intranets

This is my initial attempt to list out the intranet-related conferences scheduled for 2011. As always I would welcome being informed of any events that I have overlooked. New this year is the StepTwo event in Sydney, and the JBoye event in London has moved from September to June.

1-3 March Copenhagen Intrateam Intrateam 2011 Annual Conference

15 March Utrecht Entopic Annual Congress

22 March Copenhagen JBoye Intranets at Work Denmark

3-5 May Philadelphia JBoye Philadelphia 11

10-11 May New York Information Today Enterprise Search Summit

11-13 May Sydney StepTwo Intranets 2011

17-18 May Global Intranet Benchmarking Forum IBF24

8 June London JBoye Intranets at Work UK

20-21 September Frankfurt Kongress Media IOM Summit

26-27 October Zurich Kongress Media Swiss Online and Intranet Summit

1-3 November Washington Information Today KMWorld 2011

8-10 November Aarhus JBoye Aarhus 2011

17-18 November Paris Kongress Media Enterprise 2.0 Summit