Research on enterprise AI July 2023

The rate of publication of research papers on the enterprise adoption and impact of AI continues unabated. The patterns if research publication are the subject of a very timely paper In this month’s collection – a good place to start your journey through a month of developments. This month there are some papers specifically on search.

As I pointed out in the June 2023 listing I have not tried to summarise or critique the research papers as a good abstract is only a click away. The objective is to give you a curated list of open-source research outcomes that in my opinion you should at least be aware of and perhaps download and circulate to colleagues even if you yourself do not have time to read through them. All the links below are open access. There are of course many more relevant papers in subscription journals – if you have access to them you also know how to track them down!

Citation: A Key to Building Responsible and Accountable Large Language Models

Right to be Forgotten in the Era of Large Language Models: Implications, Challenges, and Solutions

Large Language Models

A Comprehensive Overview of Large Language Models

Large Language Models and Intelligence Analysis

Explainability is NOT a Game

How Is ChatGPT’s Behavior Changing over Time?

Risk assessment at AGI companies: A review of popular risk assessment techniques from other safety-critical industries

Challenges and Applications of Large Language Models

Large language models shape and are shaped by society: A survey of arXiv publication patterns

Exploring the Landscape of Natural Language Processing Research

Towards Bridging the Digital Language Divide

Bibliometric Analysis of Publisher and Journal Instructions to Authors on Generative-AI in Academic and Scientific Publishing

ChatGPT vs. Google: A Comparative Study of Search Performance and User Experience

Information Extraction in Domain and Generic Documents: Findings from Heuristic-based and Data-driven Approaches

How does AI chat change search behaviors?

Information Retrieval Meets Large Language Models: A Strategic Report from Chinese IR Community

PubMed and Beyond: Recent Advances and Best Practices in Biomedical Literature Search

Martin White 6 August 2023