SharePoint 2010 – some books, reports and web sites

SharePoint 2010 – some books, reports and web sites

by | Dec 13, 2010 | Intranets

When Microsoft SharePoint 2010 was launched in May Microsoft offered a substantial amount of information and guidance about the new version.  It has taken a while for authors of books on MOSS07 to learn all about SharePoint 2010 and carry out a rewrite.  The changes in SharePoint 2010 are such that in fact it was probably easier to throw away the MOSS07 version and start all over again. It is only over the last couple of months that the range of books has started to increase, but even now few contain any extensive case studies, and most are written by consultants who had access to the beta versions of SharePoint 2010.  In this blog I have listed out some the resources that I have found useful in gaining a better understanding of the benefits and challenges of SharePoint 2010, but it is far from a comprehensive selection.  As I have mentioned above the Microsoft web site offers a wealth of information on SharePoint 2010, but perhaps none more important than guidance on adoption good practices.

For an independent assessment of SharePoint 2010 functionality the premier source are the two SharePoint services from the Real Story Group.  Another good source is the SharePoint section of the AIIM web site.  A few months after the launch I wrote a report on SharePoint 2010 for Intranets, which somewhat to my surprise has stood the test of time fairly well. Michael Sampson understands the governance issues of SharePoint extremely well, and he is also the first person you should turn to for advice on SharePoint 2010 as a collaboration application.

Almost every week one or two more books on SharePoint 2010 emerge. If you wanted a basic library to get you started (about 2500 pages in total!) then I would recommend

One of the problems with MOSS07 is that there were just too many different web sites with a lot of overlap and duplication. Some degree of sanity is now emerging with the launch a week ago of Nothing but SharePoint, which integrates a number of very good individual sites such as End User SharePoint, which was always one of my favourites.  So my top three would be

And finally there is now aTwitter integration service, SharePoint Daily, from IntraTeam